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14th February 2019

This is going to be my first diary entry which would describe my entire journey through the world of music in the last 5 years. Without wasting time, let's jump straight to the story.

I started playing guitar for the first time on 19th April 2014. It was the time for class 12th boards and JEE mains. But for me learning something beyond studies was important. Everyone at my home was really disappointed when they first saw a guitar in my hand. I practiced for 1 hour every day. Every day, I would start with the same high e string and practice the tune of National Anthem (frankly speaking even after 5 years, I had not mastered it). Thanks to my friend Satyendra Choudhary for lending me his guitar as well as helping me tune the guitar every day.

Satyendra is a budding musician. He is passionate for creating original music tracks and singing. The only problem is - he lacks confidence. On the stage, confidence is much more important than the number of hours you invested in practicing. Everyone lacks some confidence. But he lacks a lot.

The tuning part was a nightmare. I had absolutely no sense of music. I watched youtube videos and blindly followed the exercises. I think this is where you need a music teacher. They can tell you if you are doing it right. I practiced so many times on an untuned guitar. I was doing it all wrong. But I had that spirit in me. I never gave up practicing music. Slowly it became a drug. It relaxed me when I failed in physics. It was all that I had. I somehow managed to save money and buy a new Pluto guitar (cost 3500) which was my favorite for a long time. Within 4 months I was beginning to play some bar chords and easy strumming patterns. After January 2015, I discontinued and decided to play after JEE advanced. I was a fan of Comedy Circus. (Out of context, but worth mentioning). Mom bought me a new pluto guitar (jumbo size - cost 6000) on my birthday.

After several months of depression over the college decision, I finally picked up the guitar again on August 2015. At that time, I was getting a feel for music. Beatles and AR Rahman were my favourites and I used to play their songs most of the time. It was also during this time that I started composing some small tunes. I was good at melody. But I was very bad at the most important thing that every musician must know - rhythm. Metronomes used to give me nightmares. 'Lukka chuppi', 'Blackbird', 'Roobaroo', 'Mother nature's son' are some numbers that I played very well.

It was during this time that I met Pratit, Aman and Pradeep. They are the ones who would be a game changer for me. Things went on. Pratit was into hard rock music. His primary love was a heavy metal drum. But deep down he was also a fan of soft bollywood songs. He used to sing a lot of such songs like "Ae kash ke hum" and my personal favorite in his voice "Tumhe jo maine dekha". He had a perfect sense of timing and rhythm. For him, the most important thing was to never go off beat. Aman played acoustic guitar. He was good at vocals too. Pradeep was the encyclopedia when it comes to music. There is not a single genre in the world that he has not listened to. He knows all the music - from classic rock to coke studio to classical.

Fast forward a few days. I met more musical talents. First among them was Abhishek Kujur, who was really good at fingerstyle guitar. I was always a fan of his Titanic theme. He was very generous. Next came Anuj who would be a game changer in defining my music career. He used to sing "Gulabi aankhen" like 40 times a day. Lastly, I met Akarsh who is my partner in crimes in duo. Anuj and Akarsh had already played for a band in their school. They were way ahead of others. They had sense of rhythm. They were good at sound check. Music drove them. With time I met others - Nivedita, Shobhna, Samadrito, Monal, Anant, DJ and Manish.

The first live jam we ever witnessed took place on 21st Sept 2015. The first live jam 1.0 was not so impressive. I was like - da fuq man. Is this the level of live jam? The speakers were only making distortion sound. Where is the music man? We saw them for the second time in Pantheon. A bit impressive performance especially by Atal bhaiya and sparsh bhaiya. Also, for the very first time, I saw Somnath Mukherjee (the person I respect the most) perform on tabla. Then all of a sudden we were told that there is a second live jam in the month of november. And this time.... Dhwani rocked it. I realized the potential in the K12 batch. My love for classic rock started that day. I can never imagine Highway to Hell being performed by a BITian. When he turned towards me and said you say 'Highway to hell', it was one hell of a moment. Utkarsh bhaiya and Atal bhaiya were my favorite singers.

Anuj, Abhishek, Akarsh and me jammed together several nights before we were offered our first performance on Nov 2015 (Well Anuj and abhishek had already performed at dandiya night where there performance was hugely praised). We occupied a corridor and popular numbers were - Madari, Paani da rang, Tum ho toh etc. We have to perform on Radio Capriccio - BIT radio on LAN. Akarsh performed 'Mera Mann' & 'Bakhuda tumhi ho' while Anuj performed 'Paani da rang'. Our performance was appreciated. But I was blamed for raising the tempo. Motivated by this performance, I decided to buy a keyboard. We had our first exam in creative arts. I barely passed by somehow managing to sing Raag bhairav. In the month of Dec 2015, I asked Rs 5000 from grandfather and bought a new keyboard. It was an amazing piece.

I joined the keyboard workshop on Jan 2016. I was mentored by one of the greatest musician in the history of BIT Mesra - Rohit Philip Mathew. He taught us western music reading and most importantly he introduced me to the concept of rhythm and timing. I didn't believe when he said I was doing this all wrong till today. Soon we got a chance to perform for the first time in live jam.

It was 25th of January 2016, a few days before SF to begin. Two new bands from 1st year had formed. Indus Wave consisting of Sushant, Anuj, Akarsh and Abhishek & The unknown genre consisting of Pratit, Pradeep, Preetam, Sumit bhaiya, Aman, Kushal and Sushant. Indus wave performed two slow numbers - Atrangi yaari and tum ho toh. Both acoustic and very nicely performed. Frankly speaking, it has never been difficult for me to coordinate with other guitars in the band. The problem with me was to sync up with the drums. The next performance was of unknown genre. Aman had bought a new electric guitar and we are ready to rock. I was on acoustic guitar. All set for 'Take a look around'. Aman starts off. Crowd cheer loudens. Now, let me describe music through words (I know only musicians can hear me). Aman was supposed to play three notes in one bar. He was so nervous that he slid his fingers and only two notes were audible. He was supposed to play Ga Re Sa and he plays Ga .... where ... is the note we are trying to figure out till date. I was on acoustic. It was not even audible to me. It was like I was miming. Pratit forgot lyrics mid way. Everyone got nervous as the most dreadful thing happened - the thing that must never happen no matter how much stage fear you have -- We missed a beat. And now we continued the song off beat unless Kushal somehow gained back control. The final song was Sinbad the sailor. My keyboard was sounding like Bulla brass band party. WTF man. It was very bad. I just hoped for the performance to end.

Its Papon live at SF 2016. It was the first concert that I had watched in my life. It was an awesome night. Banao Banao and Jiyein kyun were my favorites. Indus wave performed at Lakeside dreams. We performed Let her go and Wake me up when september ends. Abhishek was under trauma for some stupid reason. Anuj carried my keyboard throughout SF. On the drums was Amrit kujur - one of the finest drummer of K15. Akarsh and Anuj were on vocals. Time limit was too strict. First time I realised that they turn off the speaker as soon as the time ends. So rude. We did came 3rd though (or I at least I believe we did). Its Amit Trivedi next at SF. What an amazing night I spent with Anuj and Sumit bhaiya. We enjoyed.

At Bitotsav, the unknown genre decided to be back on stage. I was not a part of the band. They were joined by the great Suprio dubey.  He had perfect sense of rhythm and timing. The sound check was done (we learned from our past mistake). Aman was ready to roll off his long practiced riff. He started to make some fart sound out of guitar. Sumit bhaiya stood up to see what happened. Pratit asked to raise the level of guitar (he was trying to cover the mistake that Aman committed). The sound check guy said "Humko kya bol rahe hain, poora full hai, Aapka guitarist hugg diya hai". The unknown genre was out in the prelims round. Oh, BTW, they performed Marghat. DJ played acoustic guitar whose presence was hardly noticeable. Next, it was time for a duo performance of me and Akarsh. We performed Allah ke bandeh in Acoustic alchemy. The performance was well appreciated by audience. Next, I also rolled Beatles' Blackbird in a solo performance. This time only Abhishek applauded. I was so happy that day. Monal bagged the second position by singing 'Jar of hearts'. I can still hear the echoes of her beautiful voice. I thought that I had got quite good at music. Akarsh won Solo singing competition. He sang 'Saiyaan'. Mrinal Pathak was extremely impressed by him.

Pratit, me and yash joined to create our own composition in Make a Jam during Bitotsav. We secured first position by singing a terrible song with great lyrics and guitar riff. That remains the only achievement of UG in music. Pradeep, Nikhil KD and DJ were in another team and they lost.

We were all so much excited for the hostel night. I got to perform Ye dooriyan on keyboard by sitting on the stage floor. DJ and Aman gave most performances. Also, it was during this semester that Yash asked me to teach him guitar. I told him a lot of times that guitar is not so easy to play. He bought my favorite pluto guitar (I needed money to buy keyboard) and I taught him basic chords and rhythm. He practiced religiously and finally he was able to play basic songs by the end of 2nd semester. I got myself my first student in music. I had two pluto guitars. I sold off both to buy keyboard. Later in February I bought a cheap Givson guitar which is quite actually good. I still have it.

The first year ended. It was time for me to raise my level. I practiced scales all through the summer of 2016. I tried playing short leads and also learned to play Neele neele ambar complete on Guitar. Also I played keyboard. I almost mastered 'Hey jude' on keyboard. Yash was my student during this time. He is the only one who has been able to learn music under my guidance.

Chapter 2

Le begins the sophomore year of college. I am at a new high. I am very confident about my music skills. We are already there. Akarsh, DJ and I formed a band named 'Sangeeta sound' (which was later renamed to 'Musical taxi' by Akarsh). We prepared 4 songs for the first live Jam. 'Soch na sake', 'Na tum jano na hum', 'mujhko barsaat banalo' and 'tu jaane na'. It was the time for audition for live jam (Auditions were new to ensure that you don't play shit on the stage). Judges were Rangeet bhattacharya (president of music club) and Rohit mathew (my keyboard guru). 'Start!' said Rangeet bhaiya. Soch na sake and Tu jaane na were performed flawlessly. I was on keyboard playing piano and strings respectively. The third song was 'mujhko barsaat banalo'. Akarsh was supposed to play drums for that. The tempo of the song was 80 bpm. He raised it to 140 atleast. Me and DJ got confused. 'What are you doing?' said DJ through his eyes. 'I can't slow down. Play to this now!'. 'Nice tempo! Something great is coming up.' thought Rangeet bhaiya. DJ started singing at almost twice the original speed. Then came the bridge part. I was supposed to play a solo on the synth. The tempo was so fast that I got confused. I played 'Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa.. sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa' twice. And then 'sa sa sa sa ....' four times to cue the drummer to take a roll and exit the bridge. I saw rohit mathew looking at me. I think he was disappointed although he didn't say anything.  The good thing was we didn't miss any beat all this time. All instruments were in sync. The bad thing was, we were not selected for the live jam.

In the same live jam, Anuj formed a separate band with me, DJ and him named 'Sangeet sound'. Rangeet bhaiya commented 'What man? Why don't you guys dress up in a band dress and perform in a baarat?' We prepared two connected songs. I was on lead guitar. DJ on the rhythm and Anuj on keys and vocals. We played 'Tum se hi' and 'Tere bin na hi lage jiya'. Both songs were soft and soothing. After the song ended, I was told that I was completely out of tempo all the time, though I didn't realize that at that time. We were again not selected. This was the second rejection in a row.

The UG consisting of pratit, pradeep, aman, yash and akarsh prepared a heavy number 'kryptonite'. They literally practiced days and nights for that. I had never seen so much dedication in them. Everyone knew they were going to rock. They were selected for performing in that live jam. UG is going to rise to power after this performance unless Aman accidently pulled down his guitar volume. He was playing the lead guitar with a heavy riff and a long solo. He was completely audible on the monitors but nothing could be heard out of speakers. Yash's acoustic guitar dominated. Drums were perfect. With pratit, you can hardly think of missing the tempo. The performance ended. We saw some friends banging their heads. But most of them had no clue if it was a rock or acoustic performance? Unfortunately, the performance was not so great as it was supposed to be.

We were a little low in confidence after all this. We needed a break. We were supposed to practice harder. But all of us had ego problems. We started finding nooks in other performances to cover our flaw. 'Look Samadrito's mike is not working' said someone when Advitya (the best rock band of college) performed 'Dil se re'.

Its time now for live jam 2 auditions. Anuj was mad at me for spoiling the lead last time. Unknown G prepared 'Kholo kholo darwaze'. Me and DJ were playing the riff. The twist was - Akarsh was on vocals this time and pratit was on drums. What was hell was pratit playing. He was beating the hell out of drums. Akarsh was moaning on vocals. I was out of temp again. I saw samadrito laughing through the auditions. We were rejected for the third time. No more experiments please. Everyone stick to their instruments. We had again disappointed out beloved seniors. Even our new juinors got a chance to perform and we didn't.

There's more to come. This time, Saurav jha approched me for performing at Dandiya night. I got abhishek and akarsh together with me. We didn't even practice once. We landed directly at the music room for auditions. I was deceived by everyone. It was like everyone planning a game against me. Abhishek was not playing 'My guitar was not connected'. I played rhythm and solo alone and fucked up. Akarsh!!!! What are you doing???? Why are you so off tempo. The only one who did something great was Saurav. 'Har kisi ko nahi milta'. We were rejected for the fourth time. This time we have to admit that it was our fault. Its one thing to see someone playing it wrong and its completely different to see someone not playing at all. I never performed with abhishek after that. I think he also gave up guitar, after that performance.

Suprio, Aman and Amrit kujur joined together to play 'Om shanti om' on dandiya night. They were kicked out of auditions. Rangeet bhaiya was very angry on all of us. Rohit mathew told us to get a bassist.

BIT unplugged was going to be performed for the first time ever in the history of BIT. It is the most prestiguous event of music club and young chaps were given a chance to perform. UG could never miss this one. At that time, my taste for music had shifted away from classic rock to classic bollywood. I spent most of my time listening to Kishore kumar and rafi. We decided to create a Kishore kumar mashup. We practiced very hard days and night. I was on keys. Akarsh on drums. Pradeep on bass. Aman and Manish gandhi on guitar. Manish had finally joined UG. Pratit was on vocals. Our performance in audition was very tight. We didn't miss even a single beat. All instruments in perfect sync. The results were declared. NOT SELECTED. What!!! What happened? Where did we go wrong this time? Our performace was very monotonous. Monotonous! How can someone even think so? Everyone was disappointed. Pratit decided not to come to the night. Aman and pradeep played for flash mob. Aman swore not to come back to music again. For me, it was the 5th rejection in a row. I didn't get a chance to perform even once through the third semester. See, this is how you fall. In a moment you are everything and in a moment you are nothing. The 3rd semester remains the most disappointing semester for me on terms of music.

Chapter 4: The rise of unknown genre

Last semester ended with us drowing in the ocean of hopelessness. But no more. Unknown Genre decided to rise again. It could fall no more. I was not able to join them this time due to some prior commitments. Aman, Akarsh, Pratit, Manish and Pradeep joined together to bring the next song that would take unknown genre to the next level (the next level is where you are only auditioned for name shake; you are already selected before the audition). They pushed days and nights to prepare for Sargam (Spring fest '17). No one slept. Everyone sang the same tune - Shaktimaan. Pradeep played the best bassline till date. Pratit was roaring on vocals. The guitar riff and drums were so tight that it could force anyone to bang their heads against the beat. Were they competing for the finals? No, they were competing with themselves to get back their lost pride.

They were all preparared for the performance. Everyone reached Spring Fest except for Akarsh who decided to come one day late. On the night of everyone's arrival, Akarsh dropped a message to the group:

Akarsh - "I won't be able to make it to SF this year. I am not feeling well. I am getting a high fever"..

Pradeep - "Kya bol raha hai be?"

 Everyone was shocked. A band without a drummer is not a band. Its a failure. (Later we came to know that a girl has ditched Akarsh and he fell sick due to that). What was going to happen tomorrow? To save the day, came Mr. Sumit, drummer of band Adwitya. He is an extremely versatile drummer. You just tell him the rhythm by words and he will repeat it on drums.

At about 11 AM, Tagore Open Air Theatre (TOAT) roared with someone singing the heroic number. Everyone gathered near the stage. The stage was on fire. UG rocked it.  Thanks to Sumit bhaiya (and the man on sound check) for saving the day.

That was not it yet. A few days later, UG auditioned for a live jam. They were selected and given the second last slot just before advitiya. It remains one of the finest performance ever by UG. Everyone in the crowd were banging their head. UG rose to power.

A few days later, UG was called upon to perform on Rostra night. I joined them this time on keys. We modified our so called monotonous Kishore Kumar mashup that we had prepared for unplugged. Auditions were taken by Shubham lal (Lal bhaiya has always been encouraging. He supports us very much). Monal swayed the audience with her vocals. We couldn't disappoint them. We got the crowd singing along with us. Pratit was in a high mood. Not a single beat was missed. We openly declared that Unknown Genre is now the next level band. We were going to carry the legacy of rock music.

Somewhere during the same time, I had taken a break from music. I wanted to learn how to play to the beat because this is where I always failed. I practiced the song 'Wish you were here' days and night. Whenever I picked up the guitar, the same song came out of it. I used to place a metronome and play to the rhythm, trying my best to exactly reciprocate the song. I mastered the solo in a few days. And then I began to modify it to develop my own version of it. (Till today, I play the modified version. I don't know. It comes naturally. It is something that I would have played id I would have recorded the song). During the bitotsav weekender, a live jam was planned (the same in which UG performed Shaktimaan). I asked Anuj, if he had some plans to bring back Indus Wave? We decided to get together and try our luck again. We were joined by Pradeep on bass, DJ on rhythms and Amrit kujur on drums. I was going to play electric guitar for the first time and Aman taught me a lot of techniques from handling volume to patch change. I was mentored by Jerry Challam (the god level guitarist of K15 batch). Jerry has been playing guitar for more than 8 years. He is a very experienced guitar player and extremenly generous. When he plays, its so soothing that you just fall asleep. When he played 'Love story' by taylor swift, we all just went crazy. He had such an amazing control on his guitar. In the same live jam he played 'Aadat' by Jal, sung by Debjyoti. Jerry taught me a lot of stuffs like making an harmonic sound and finger tapping.

Finally, the day for audition came. We had prepared 'Zinda' and 'Emosanal attyachar' by Amit trivedi. Zinda starts with a beautiful piano intro. I was on the keys for this song.

'Which song are you going to perform?' asked Rangeet.

'Bhaiya, Zinda hoon yaar.' said Anuj.

'Wow, let me give you the cue. 1 2 3 4..'

Rhythms rolled. I started playing the intro and I fucked up. I hands were shivering. I just lost control. Pradeep was staring at me. Anuj was confused as he thought there was patch issue on the keyboard.

'Stop. Stop. Stop. I couldn't hear the base line. Raise its volume. Can you guys start again?' said Rangeet.

Ah!. A bit of relief. Lets start again. 1 2 3 4.... This time I started on a wrong scale. DJ and Pradeep gave me a ghastly look. Anuj started singing and he was confused.

'Stop! Stop! Stop!. What is wrong with the mic. You are singing out of tune. Start again.' said Rangeet.

All this time Rohit Mathew was staring at me. He knew that it was me who was fucking up the entire band. (I think Rangeet bhaiya also relaized the same, he was just trying to cover up).

"You play it wrong this time and I will fuck you like a pig." Anuj said to me in an angry voice.

1 2 3 4... Rhythm rolls again, I started on the right scale. I was missing some beats. I was playing the wrong chords. My hands were shivering. The song ended. We received an applaud. Ronit Ghosh (another god level keyboard player) came to me to check what was wrong with the keyboard. Seriously, was everyone trying to cover my mistake? Anyways, my band members knew I screwed up.

The next song was worse. I screwed up the patch on electri guitar. Drums were missing beat. Only Anuj's vocals was sufficing. This time the entire band fcuked up. We were disheartened. Anuj swore not to perform with me ever again. I cursed myself. I cursed my whole life. What have I done?

Pratit, Pradeep and Akarsh came to me at night. I was holding my head. I was really ashamed for what I have done!! 'Your band is selected!' said Akarsh. What!!! Really. 'Yes, and you guys have been given the longest slot.' Seriously! For that shit. I called up Rangeet bhaiya and thanked him. He has always been supportive of me. I asked Akarsh, give me the rhythm, I will nail it this time. 1 2 3 4... I practiced very hard for the next 2 days. Anuj came to me and said 'You lost everything now. you have nothing more to loose load. Now you have everything to gain. I am performing for this band for one last time. Get this thing right and make this special.' Rhythms rolled. Anuj started with the farhan akhtar poem that he always recites before the performance. We started. It was successful. No matter how much we perform bad in auditions,  we are always good on stage. I think this is what everyone belived. We did miss some rhythm in the second song. But it was good enough (the only man whom we failed to impress was Suprio Dubey).

Later on, Anuj left and Indus wave never performed again. He joined a band named Destine. He has always been a rockstar. I am fan of his confidence and calmness on stage. We performed together for one last time on stage at Dhwani - a three day music fest. It was just a duo performance. It was not  band performance. A rather soothing Atif aslam mashup.  Abhishek kujur betrayed us again. He went home and didn't come back. He was supposed to play the rhythm.

Akarsh has always been my partner in duo crimes. We performed Wish you were here at Acoustic alchemy. We absolutely stood no chance of winning. But this performance was largely inspired by Atal bhaiya's last performance in BIT unplugged the very same here. His voice is so soothing. The intro of the song is something I can never get bored of.

The fourth sem didn't end on a very high note. I realized where I had to improve. I had to practice harder to get back my confidence. In the

Chapter 6: The fall again.

I had been quite busy for the next one semester. Internship and then pantheon were eating my head. However we did find some time to create a combo of Ankhon ki gushtakhiyan and game of thrones theme. It was largely inspired by Priyanshu (my murga friend), who one day randomly started singing ankhon ki gushtakhiyan when i played the game of thrones theme tune.

Unknown genre decided to play at the pantheon stage. Pantheon stage is probably the most prestiguous place to play for after Bitotsav. However, K15 fucked up the stage setup. It was a terrible stage. It was as if UG was going to play for some tenthouse party in a village.

Let me describe one more persona here. Monal is powerhouse when it comes to singing western classic rock and pop. She has such a beautiful voice. She had performed terrific numbers like Sweet child of mine (Axl rose's version), Set fire to the rain (Adele) and Jar of hearts (Christianna perri). No matter how bad the stage is, how bad the speakers sound, if you have monal on vocals, she will rock the stage. Among the girls, she was the rockstar.

Unknown genre was asked to perform at Bitotsav '18 weekender. Yeah! You heard it right. We were asked to perform. The problem was - all of us were now rusty. We had not touched our instruments since several days. We had to practice everything from scratch. We were preparing Mere Bina by KK (Well a rock version of it). I was on the keys. Manish on lead. Aman on rhythm. Pratit on vocals and Pradeep on bass. Everything was dependent on Gandhi's riff. If that goes right, the performance would be awesome, else we are fucked. Gandhi used to get very concious even during the practice hours. The riff used to sound like a farting horse. "Don't worry! You will get this right on stage" Pratit used to repeat this whenever his guitar farted. I was also hoping for some magic to happen.

On the stage, after missing a half beat, Gandhi started an awesome riff on his electric guitar. The drums joined and it was so awesome that it immediately boosted Gandhi's confidence. It was an awesome performance by the band. Thanks to the awesome sound check by Pratit.

Another performance that shook everyone that night was by Advitya. They performed the same number that they performed in Spring Fest that year 'Ujlebaaz'. From Ronit bhaiya starting a riff on keys to chakru bhaiya's solo, it was a performance of the lifetime. Over the years, I have seen several people grow in music. Professor bhaiya (lead singer) was always a pro. He has been trained for 14 years. He is so generous. Chakru bhaiya started with rap music, then played bass for a few bands and then became the lead guitarist of Advitya. What a growth!. His guitar roared, when he played Hotel california solo at 1.25X speed, on his final stage performance. Ronit bhaiya is so free folic man. His primary concern has always been to experiment with music and come up with new stuffs always. When Sumit bhaiya on drums, you can't think of missing a beat. Adwitya was a guiding light for UG. We learned a lot from them.

Inspired by the race to become the  number one band, UG decided to perform at the opening night of three days music fest. The song was 'Carnival of Rust'. I was on the keys. Gandhi on the lead guitar. Yash has joined us after a long time to play rhythm. Pradeep on bass, Akarsh on drums and Pratit on vocals. Our sound check was being delayed repeatedly. The lead guitar was not audible through the sound check. We were asked to start ASAP as we were running out of time. Pratit introduced the band and we started.

Gandhi's riff was not audible. This is what that happens when you don't get the sound check correct. OMG! Is anything even audible to audience? Akarsh was playing an egg shaker during the verse. His rhythm was not audible. Bass was going out of sync. In the first verse itself, Pratit missed the lyrics and started singing the second verse. What the hell was going on? Somehow we reached the end of second verse, drums and rhythm rolled hard. Pratit was on high. Everything was back under control and all of a sudden the most dreadful thing happened to the drummer. His stick slipped from his hand. Imagine a hard rock performance backed by string drumming. And suddenly the drums disappear and its only the string making all the sound. Pratit was disheartened. As soon as the outro ended, we left the stage in hurry. We were a 3rd year band now. We were supposed to rock the audience. And we fucked up on stage. Pratit didn't show up in the club for the next two days. Akarsh and I were heavily disheartened, but still we performed at Surreal symphony (western band competition). We spilled out two numbers - Blackbird and Wake me up when september ends. It was awesome though we didn't win anything as we always do.

Again the year ended on a bad note. How man? Its so terrifying to see how you can fuck up a performance even after so much practice. You have to be terribly focused on stage. Once any one os the member looses control and goes out of sync, the band is fucked.

A word about barsha

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