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The beginning This is going to be my first diary entry which would describe my entire journey through the world of music in the last 5 years. Let's jump straight to the story. I started playing guitar for the first time in April 2014. It was the time for class 12th boards and JEE mains. But, for me, learning something beyond studies was important. Everyone at my home was really disappointed when they first saw a guitar in my hand. I practised for 1 hour every day. Every day, I would start with the same high e string and practice the tune of National Anthem (frankly speaking even after 5 years, I had not mastered it yet). Thanks to my friend Satyendra Choudhary for lending me his guitar as well as helping me tune the guitar every day. The guitar was broken. It had to be tuned again and again. Satyendra is a budding musician. He is passionate about creating original music tracks and singing. The only problem is - he lacks confidence. On the stage, confidence is much more