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The biggest inspiration for an artist

I expect everyone who is reading this blog to be a performing artist. You may be able to relate better if you are a musician, actor, director or a writer.

Well, I am an amateur guitarist and writer. I was thinking of sharing my inspirations that make me a performer. There can be several things that can inspire you towards something. Mostly, it is other people who influence you. But, I am independent enough to not to be influenced by living organisms around me.

Obviously, movies, theatres and concerts are inspirational. The more you see, the more you perceive. The more you see others doing it, the more are you inspired to do it yourself. Think about the last movie that you found was related to you. It obviously inspires artists like us to come up with our own pieces of stuff. What do movies, theatres and concerts have in common? Visuals! They catch our eyes and our ears.

As a writer, I have to say that it is books that are even more inspirational than visual arts. When I say books, it…

Sajni: The final chapter

The fourth-year started on a low note. None of the band members were interested in arranging a band performance. Everyone was occupied with their placement preparation. I was already having a PPO. Pratit was placed by the end of August. Aman & Pradeep were also placed in about the next 15 days. Only me and Akarsh were available. Dhwani's fest was scheduled in the month of September this time. I and Akarsh decided to perform Carnival of Rust and Dil Chahta Hai. Carnival of Rust was so awesome. Everything went so smooth. Though we didn't qualify, it remains one of the best performance by us. Akarsh was praised for his use of egg shaker. Dil Chahta hai was also nice except for some parts where solo went out of rhythm. Anuj performed Yaariyan at the opening night. It was one hell of a performance. He was truly a rockstar now. Also, we covered DK bose for an online contest. It was well praised by everyone.
We all were now available for Pantheon weekender. What should be perfor…

Sajni: The fall again

I was quite busy for the next semester. Internship and then Pantheon was eating my head. However, we did find some time to create a combo of Ankhon ki Gushtakhiyan and Game of Thrones theme. It was largely inspired by Priyanshu (my murga friend), who one day randomly started singing Ankhon ki Gushtakhiyan when I played the Game of Thrones theme tune.
Unknown Genre decided to play at the pantheon stage. Pantheon stage probably the most prestigious place to play for after Bitotsav. However, K15 messed up the stage setup. It was a terrible stage. It was as if UG was going to play for some tent house party in a village. The power went out just after Unknown genre left the stage. Saviour.
Let me describe one more persona here. Monal was a powerhouse when it comes to singing western classic rock and pop. She had such a beautiful voice. She had performed terrific numbers like Sweet child of mine (Axl Rose's version), Set fire to the Rain (Adele) and Jar of hearts (Christianna Perri). No…

Sajni: The rise

Last semester ended with us drowning in the ocean of hopelessness. But no more. Unknown Genre decided to rise again. It could fall no more. I was not able to join them this time due to some prior commitments. Aman, Akarsh, Pratit, Manish, and Pradeep joined together to bring the next song that would take Unknown Genre to the next level (the next level is where you were only auditioned for name shake; you are already selected before the audition itself, i.e, your name is enough). They pushed days and nights to prepare for Sargam (Spring fest '17). No one slept. Everyone sang the same tune - Shaktimaan. Pradeep played the best bassline to date. Pratit was roaring on vocals. The guitar riff and drums were so tight that it could force anyone to bang their heads against the beat. Were they competing for the finals? No, they were competing to get back their lost pride.
They were all prepared for the performance. Everyone reached Spring Fest except for Akarsh who decided to come one day…

Sajni: The fall

Begins the sophomore year of college. I was at a new high. I was very confident about my music skills. We were already there. Akarsh, DJ and I formed a band named Sangeeta sound (which was later renamed to 'Musical taxi' by Akarsh). We prepared 4 songs for the first Live Jam. Soch na sake, Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Mujhko Barsaat Banalo and Tu Jaane Na. It was the time for the audition for Live Jam (Auditions were a new thing and it was to ensure that you don't play shit on the stage). Judges were Rangeet Bhattacharya (President of the music club) and Rohit bhaiya (my keyboard guru). "Start!" said Rangeet bhaiya. Soch na sake and Tu jaane na were performed flawlessly. I was on keyboard playing piano and strings respectively. The third song was Mujhko Barsaat Banalo. Akarsh was supposed to play drums for that. The tempo of the song was 80 bpm. He raised it to 140 at least. I and DJ got confused. "What are you doing?" said DJ through his eyes. "I can't…