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The Biggest Inspiration for an Artist

I expect everyone who is reading this blog to be a performing artist. You may be able to relate better if you are a musician, actor, director or a writer. Well, I am an amateur guitarist and writer. I was thinking of sharing my inspirations that make me a performer. There can be several things that can inspire you towards something. Mostly, it is other people who influence you. But, I am independent enough to not to be influenced by living organisms around me. Obviously, movies, theatres and concerts are inspirational. The more you see, the more you perceive. The more you see others doing it, the more are you inspired to do it yourself. Think about the last movie that you found was related to you. It obviously inspires artists like us to come up with our own pieces of stuff. What do movies, theatres and concerts have in common? Visuals! They catch our eyes and our ears. As a writer, I have to say that it is books that are even more inspirational than visual arts. When I say book