Sajni: The fall again

I was quite busy for the next semester. Internship and then Pantheon was eating my head. However, we did find some time to create a combo of Ankhon ki Gushtakhiyan and Game of Thrones theme. It was largely inspired by Priyanshu (my murga friend), who one day randomly started singing Ankhon ki Gushtakhiyan when I played the Game of Thrones theme tune.

Unknown Genre decided to play at the pantheon stage. Pantheon stage probably the most prestigious place to play for after Bitotsav. However, K15 messed up the stage setup. It was a terrible stage. It was as if UG was going to play for some tent house party in a village. The power went out just after Unknown genre left the stage. Saviour.

Let me describe one more persona here. Monal was a powerhouse when it comes to singing western classic rock and pop. She had such a beautiful voice. She had performed terrific numbers like Sweet child of mine (Axl Rose's version), Set fire to the Rain (Adele) and Jar of hearts (Christianna Perri). No matter how bad the stage is, how bad the speakers sound if you have Monal on vocals, she will rock the stage. Among the girls, she was the rockstar.

The Unknown genre was asked to perform at Bitotsav '18 weekender. Yeah! You heard it right. We were asked to perform. The problem was - all the band members were now rusty. We had not touched our instruments since several days. We had to practice everything from scratch. We were preparing Mere Bina by KK (Well a rock version of it). I was on the keys. Manish on leads. Aman on rhythms. Pratit on vocals and Pradeep on bass. Everything was dependent on Gandhi's riff. If that goes right, the performance would be awesome, else we were messed. Gandhi used to get very anxious even during the practice hours. The riff used to sound like a farting horse. "Don't worry! You will get this right on stage", Pratit used to repeat this whenever his guitar farted. I was also hoping for some magic to happen.

On the stage, after missing a half beat, Gandhi started an awesome riff on his electric guitar. The drums joined and it was so awesome that it immediately boosted Gandhi's confidence. It was an awesome performance by the band. Thanks to the awesome sound check by Pratit.

Another performance that shook everyone that night was by Adwitya. They performed the same number that they performed for Spring Fest that year Ujlebaaz. From Ronit bhaiya starting a riff on keys to Chakru bhaiya's solo, it was a performance of the lifetime. Over the years, I have seen several people grow in music. Professor bhaiya (lead singer) was always a pro. He has been trained in music for 14 years. He was so generous as well. Chakru bhaiya started with rap music, then played bass for a few bands and then became the lead guitarist of Adwitya. What a growth!. His guitar roared, when he played Hotel California solo at 1.25X speed, on his final stage performance. Ronit bhaiya was so free folic man. His primary concern was to experiment with music and come up with new pieces of stuff always. When Sumit bhaiya was on drums, you can't think of missing a beat. Adwitya was a guiding light for UG. We learned a lot from them.

Inspired by the race to become the number one band, UG decided to perform at the opening night of three days music fest. The song was Carnival of Rust. I was on the keys. Gandhi on the lead guitar. Yash has joined us after a long time to play rhythm. Pradeep on bass, Akarsh on drums and Pratit on vocals. Our sound check was being delayed repeatedly. The lead guitar was not audible through the sound check. We were asked to start ASAP as we were running out of time. Pratit introduced the band and we started our own nightmare.

Gandhi's riff was not audible. This is what that happens when you don't get the sound check correct. OMG! Is anything even audible to the audience? Akarsh was playing an egg shaker during the verse. His rhythm was not audible. Bass was going out of sync. In the first verse itself, Pratit missed the lyrics and started singing the second verse. What the hell was going on? Somehow we reached the end of the second verse, drums and rhythm rolled hard. Pratit was back on rhythm. Everything was back under control and all of a sudden the most dreadful thing happened to the drummer. His stick slipped from his hand. Imagine a hard rock performance backed by heavy strings and drums. And suddenly the drums disappear and its only the strings making all the sound. Pratit was disheartened. As soon as the outro ended, we left the stage in a hurry. We were a 3rd-year band now. We were supposed to rock the audience. And we messed up on stage. Pratit didn't show up in the club for the next two days. Akarsh and I were heavily disheartened, but still, we performed at Surreal symphony (western band competition). We spilled out two numbers - Blackbird and Wake me up when September ends. It was awesome though we didn't win anything as we always did.

Again the year ended on a bad note. How man? It was so terrifying to see how one can mess up performance even after so much practice. You have to be terribly focused on stage. Once any one of the member loses control and goes out of sync, the entire band is messed up.

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