Sajni: The fall

Begins the sophomore year of college. I was at a new high. I was very confident about my music skills. We were already there. Akarsh, DJ and I formed a band named Sangeeta sound (which was later renamed to 'Musical taxi' by Akarsh). We prepared 4 songs for the first Live Jam. Soch na sake, Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Mujhko Barsaat Banalo and Tu Jaane Na. It was the time for the audition for Live Jam (Auditions were a new thing and it was to ensure that you don't play shit on the stage). Judges were Rangeet Bhattacharya (President of the music club) and Rohit bhaiya (my keyboard guru). "Start!" said Rangeet bhaiya. Soch na sake and Tu jaane na were performed flawlessly. I was on keyboard playing piano and strings respectively. The third song was Mujhko Barsaat Banalo. Akarsh was supposed to play drums for that. The tempo of the song was 80 bpm. He raised it to 140 at least. I and DJ got confused. "What are you doing?" said DJ through his eyes. "I can't slow down. Play to this now!" "Nice tempo! Something great is coming up", thought Rangeet bhaiya. DJ started singing at almost twice the original speed. Then came the bridge part. I was supposed to play a solo on the synth. The tempo was so fast that I got confused. I played 'Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa.. sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa' twice. And then 'sa sa sa sa ....' four times to cue the drummer to take a roll and exit the bridge. I saw Rohit bhaiya looking at me. He was surely disappointed although he didn't say anything.  The good thing was we didn't miss any beat all this time. All instruments were in sync. The bad thing was, we were not selected for the live jam.

In the same Live Jam, Anuj formed a separate band with me, DJ and him named Sangeet sound. Rangeet bhaiya commented "What man? Why don't you guys dress up in a brass band dress and perform in a baarat?" We prepared two connected songs. I was on lead guitar. DJ on the rhythm and Anuj on keys and vocals. We played Tum se hi and Tere bin na hi lage jiya. Both songs were soft and soothing. After the song ended, I was told that I was completely out of tempo all the time, though I didn't realize it at that time. We were again not selected. This was my second rejection in a row.

Meanwhile, The Unknown Genre consisting of Pratit, Pradeep, Aman, Yash, and Akarsh prepared a heavy number Kryptonite. They literally practiced days and nights for that. I had never seen so much dedication in them. Everyone knew they were going to rock. They were selected for performing in that Live Jam. UG is going to rise to power after this performance, until of course, Aman accidentally pulled down his guitar volume. He was playing the lead guitar with a heavy riff and a long solo. He was completely audible on the monitors but nothing could be heard out of the sound system. Yash's acoustic guitar dominated. Drums were perfect. With Pratit, you can hardly think of missing the tempo. The performance ended. We saw some friends banging their heads. But most of them had no clue if it was a rock or soft performance? Unfortunately, the performance was not so great as it was supposed to be.

We were a little low in confidence after all this. We needed a break. We were supposed to practice harder. But all of us had ego problems. We started finding nooks in other performances to cover our flaw. "Look Samadrito's mike is not working", said someone when Advitya (the then best rock band of college) performed Dil Se Re.

It was time now for Live Jam 2 auditions. Anuj was mad at me for spoiling the lead last time. Unknown Genre prepared Kholo Kholo Darwaze. I and DJ were playing the riff. The twist was - Akarsh was on vocals this time and Pratit was on drums. What was hell was Pratit playing? He was beating the hell out of drums. Akarsh was moaning on vocals. I was out of tempo again. I saw Samadrito laughing all through the auditions. We were rejected for the third time. "No more experiments, please. Everyone, please stick to your own instruments." We had again disappointed our beloved seniors. Even our new juinors got a chance to perform and we didn't.

This was not the end. This time, Saurav Jha approached me for performing at Dandiya night. I got Abhishek and Akarsh together with me. We didn't even practice once. We landed directly at the music room for auditions. I was deceived by everyone. It was like everyone planning revenge against me. Abhishek was not playing at all. He was just sitting and staring me. "My guitar was not connected", he said. I played rhythm and solo alone and spoiled up. "Akarsh!!!! What are you doing????" Why are you so off tempo. The only one who did something was Saurav - Har kisi ko nahi milta. We were rejected for the fourth time. This time we have to admit that it was our fault. It is one thing to see someone playing it wrong and its completely different to see someone not playing at all. I never performed with Abhishek after that. I think he also gave up a guitar, after that (performance).

Suprio, Aman and Amrit Kujur joined together to play Om Shanti Om on dandiya night. They were kicked out of auditions. Rangeet bhaiya was very angry with all of us. Rohit bhaiya asked us to get a bassist.

BIT unplugged was going to be performed for the first time ever in the history of BIT. It is the most prestigious event of the music club and young chaps were given a chance to perform. UG could never miss this one. At that time, my taste for music had shifted away from classic rock to classic Bollywood. I spent most of my time listening to Kishore Kumar and Rafi. We decided to create a Kishore Kumar mashup. We practiced very hard days and night. I was on keys. Akarsh on drums. Pradeep on bass. Aman and Manish Gandhi on guitar. Manish had finally joined UG. Pratit was on vocals. Our performance was very tight in the auditions. We didn't miss even a single beat. All instruments were in perfect sync. The results were declared. 

NOT SELECTED. What!!! What happened? Where did we go wrong this time? "Our performance was very monotonous". Monotonous! How can someone even think so? Everyone was disappointed. Pratit decided not to come to the night. Aman and Pradeep played for the flash mob. Aman swore not to come back to music club again. For me, it was the 5th rejection in a row. I didn't get a chance to perform even once through the third semester. See, this is how you fall. In a moment you are everything and in a moment you are nothing. The 3rd semester remains the most disappointing semester for me in terms of music.


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