Sajni: The final chapter

The fourth-year started on a low note. None of the band members were interested in arranging a band performance. Everyone was occupied with their placement preparation. I was already having a PPO. Pratit was placed by the end of August. Aman & Pradeep were also placed in about the next 15 days. Only me and Akarsh were available. Dhwani's fest was scheduled in the month of September this time. I and Akarsh decided to perform Carnival of Rust and Dil Chahta Hai. Carnival of Rust was so awesome. Everything went so smooth. Though we didn't qualify, it remains one of the best performance by us. Akarsh was praised for his use of egg shaker. Dil Chahta hai was also nice except for some parts where solo went out of rhythm. Anuj performed Yaariyan at the opening night. It was one hell of a performance. He was truly a rockstar now. Also, we covered DK bose for an online contest. It was well praised by everyone.

We all were now available for Pantheon weekender. What should be performed? We went to performing old numbers which UG has already performed - Kryptonite and Shaktimaan. The performance was easy going and we were quite used to it. We rocked the crowd. In the same fest, Anuj performed Wo Haseena Zulfon Wali with his band Destine. He rocked as expected. Whenever he is on stage, girls went crazy. Akarsh had dedicated his entire fourth year to music. He had given tons of performance in a single year with at least 5 bands.

The date for the biggest event of Dhwani was announced. BIT unplugged was scheduled to held on 16th November 2019 (obviously after much resistance from the administration, it was finally going to take place). Pratit, Aman and Pradeep were leaving for internship and this was supposed to be the final performance of UG at BIT. Pratit, Aman, Pradeep, Akarsh and me geared up for one final performance. We decided the song named Sajni by Jal. It is a rock number and we were going to perform it on acoustic. I was on guitar for the first time with UG. We practiced days and night before and after Vajra (annual sports fest of BIT). We had never got a chance to perform at BIT unplugged.

I heard people saying "The audition is going to be the last performance of UG". We have to do something for one last time. Auditions were taken by Samadrito. We definitely had an edge for being in the final year. We were selected and given the last slot.

The night has arrived. For one last time, UG would be on the stage and every else our audience. Drums rolled, bass began, the sound check has started on stage. All things were set up. We were ready to begin. Akarsh tapped his drum sticks and all the instruments rolled at the same time. For everything that has happened to us till date, we wanted to live every moment for one last time. Aman started with a beautiful riff and Pradeep replicated the same on the bass line. Pratit's voice echoed the stage. The sound check was perfect (believe me, with UG, there had never been a problem of the sound check). All instruments were going in perfect sync. Not a single beat was missed. The performance ended. We headed back to the green room. We were all sad. No, this time we definitely did an awesome job. It was because we were taking back so many memories with us.

Being a part of a college rock band is an experience that can only be apprehended if you are a part of it. IT IS NOT EASY. I repeat. IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL. It takes years of dedicated practice to get a sense of rhythm and play with a band. I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my musical journey throughout. Pratit still makes vocal covers. I and Akarsh gear up sometimes to Jam. I made my final cover with Anuj Wish you were Here in a single take. We are definitely not going to let the music go away from us.  There are at least a thousand more things that I forgot to mention. I didn't want to make this long. But this is my story of music so far.

Thanks for giving it a read.

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