The Biggest Inspiration for an Artist

I expect everyone who is reading this blog to be a performing artist. You may be able to relate better if you are a musician, actor, director or a writer.

Well, I am an amateur guitarist and writer. I was thinking of sharing my inspirations that make me a performer. There can be several things that can inspire you towards something. Mostly, it is other people who influence you. But, I am independent enough to not to be influenced by living organisms around me.

Obviously, movies, theatres and concerts are inspirational. The more you see, the more you perceive. The more you see others doing it, the more are you inspired to do it yourself. Think about the last movie that you found was related to you. It obviously inspires artists like us to come up with our own pieces of stuff. What do movies, theatres and concerts have in common? Visuals! They catch our eyes and our ears.

As a writer, I have to say that it is books that are even more inspirational than visual arts. When I say books, it includes novels, papers, articles, scripts, publications, journals, i.e, anything that is written and captures your imagination. Every book enthusiast would agree that almost all performing arts (movies and theatres) fail to capture the minute detailing of the written book. Reading forces us to imagine the entire set up which the writer wants us to see. Writing is the easiest way to express yourself. Music, Dramatics and Fine Arts require practice. But writing doesn't. It just needs a big heart and willingness to express yourself.

Yet, the above-mentioned things are based on one thing - the experience of others. They inspire you because they were inspired by the life of other people, who are the writers, directors or composers. I believe that the best way to inspire yourself for art is to experience it yourself.

Without any previous buildup, I can shamelessly claim that it is travelling which is the biggest source of inspiration for any artist. Travelling makes you meet new people. New people give you a new experience. And a new experience brings in a new art. Needless to say that every artist in the world actually tells his own story, expresses his own thoughts and shows his own emotion one way or the other through his/her art. The more you experience, the more stories you have to tell to others and the more mature your thoughts are.

Exploration is very important for any artist. Never miss an opportunity to explore and learn. When you travel, you experience the diversity, the culture and the people. All of these makes you open to the world. Your mind begins to accept everything. In fact, I believe travelling is a way of meditation and self-introspection.

Personally, I have travelled a lot in my past 4 years. I have covered almost all the corners of India. I like to travel by train. I feel high when I put my headphones on and stand at the gate of a train coach when the train is rustling at high speed. Most of the time, I prefer travelling alone. I am frugal. I always look for the cheapest way to experience the same. I love taking calculated risks.

I was in my college for the last 4 years. We took out time from our vacations to travel to some beautiful places of India. Most of the trips were meant for my academic buildups. But, I always took out at least one day to explore the unknown place on my own. Solo. No one required.

1. Mumbai: The city of dreams. Known for its amazing weather and fast paced life. I experienced it thrice in the last four years (December 2016, 2017, 2018). 

 2. Delhi: The capital of India. Delhi has a very hot climate. It homes a lot of monuments (October 2018 and April 2019).

3. Chennai: Again, Chennai has a very hot climate. It is a very old city. It has a rich south-Indian culture (December 2017).

 4. Hyderabad: The Hitech city of India. Hyderabad, again, has a hot climate. It is much better than Bangalore in terms of traffic, atmosphere and cost of living (June 2018).

 5. Kolkata: Kolkata has a very humid weather. The city is culturally very rich. It is worth a visit (August 2018).

 6. Varanasi: The holy city of Hindus. Filled with vibrant colours, it is the home of all major temples (September 2018).

7. Prayagraj: Another holy city of Hindus. It has a amazing climate and it is the home of Sangam - the meeting place of three mighty rivers (March 2018).

8. Jaipur: It is the city of forts. There are forts everywhere (March 2018).

9. Kerela: Only three words to describe this place. God's own country (December 2018).

So, in case you are fed up with your life and have no inspiration for your art, do travel to someplace. You will surely be inspired to do more.


  1. Kya baat kahi hai...Travel..Exploration....Artist ki saxhhi inspiration hai ye🔥🔥


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