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Ehsaas is the dramatics society of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. It is one of those names with whom I have always tried to avoid an association; One of those names whom I have least appreciated; One of those names who have been very close to my heart. It's not the club that is close. It is the people who were a part of this club. It is they who have taught me some of my most important life lessons. As usual, I don't write for anyone else to read it (that is one of the reasons I blog instead of posting such writeups on facebook). I write for myself and anybody who is interested can go through based on their interest (of course, who has the time to go through other's life?). My journey in this club started with a workshop organized by the club in the month of August 2015. I left out all my priorities to attend this workshop. The workshop was a two-day annual dramatics workshop. Junior year students were organizers and senior year students were judges. I got to

Last Day

The last day of college has arrived. Everyone has packed up their bags and ready to leave college. Everyone is making a promise to each other that they will miss each other, they will stay in touch. At the same time, everyone knows the truth that none of them are going to happen. There is a difference between being in touch and being with each other. Someone being in front of you gives you a sense of completeness that would be missing now. We made a similar promise to our school mates four years ago. Some of them are still in touch. But, I don't really feel the need to meet them and discuss my life with them. It is only when destiny makes us face each other that I would like to open a few secrets to mine to them. Till then, they will only be in my memory. The friendship won't lose its value. It would only be buried deep inside my heart. The values would pop up again when I meet them. I remember each person whom I had met and had shared some bond with. I might not remember

Time Machine

Here came the phase of my life. The time that seemed darker, Than the evening of the winter solstice. The moment when I realized, I was about to lose the most precious gift of my life. No tears fell, I was numb.  Things were happening. Nothing in my control. I couldn't say if I was dead or alive. My senses were working, But, I had no sign of life. "What went wrong?" thought my mind. "Is it me again? For the one-millionth time!" "Should I wait for her to take the next step? Or, should I be the first one to apologize?" The past dawned upon me that night. He showed me the times when I had cried. He exhibited the showers of insecurities. That she, with time, had blessed upon me. Cause, Yes!, I was the one who had been more involved. In a relationship, that was sure to fail and tear apart. Never did I realized, That it was my obstinance to get her in my life. And when I forced against her will, I lost my

Deeds v/s Luck

I have lived 22 years of my life now. Today, I went for casting my first vote ever. The man operating the ballot made a mistake in sequence number marking. He assured everyone that the sequence number is correct. We all had a serious doubt on its proper functioning now. I cast my vote, but I am unsure if my vote and sequence number match. Living in this world for so many years, I realized something that I wish to share and I am sure that it will be an inspiration for you all as well. Look at the chart below: I strongly believe that there is only 1% of your life that is under your control. You control it through your deeds - good or bad. Rest of the 99% of how your life would be is controlled by deeds of others. This is something that we call the  luck factor.  Let me give you an example. Suppose, you are about to appear for your college entrance exam. You have worked hard days and nights to complete the syllabus and you are all prepared for the exam. Let us look at a few