Last Day

The last day of college has arrived. Everyone has packed up their bags and ready to leave college. Everyone is making a promise to each other that they will miss each other, they will stay in touch. At the same time, everyone knows the truth that none of them are going to happen. There is a difference between being in touch and being with each other. Someone being in front of you gives you a sense of completeness that would be missing now. We made a similar promise to our school mates four years ago. Some of them are still in touch. But, I don't really feel the need to meet them and discuss my life with them. It is only when destiny makes us face each other that I would like to open a few secrets to mine to them. Till then, they will only be in my memory. The friendship won't lose its value. It would only be buried deep inside my heart. The values would pop up again when I meet them.

I remember each person whom I had met and had shared some bond with. I might not remember each name. I might have a difficult time recognizing them. But, once I do, all the memories would strike back to become a beautiful miracle of joy that I would get. 

There is a difference between leaving school and leaving college. I would be entering the fourth stage of my life. I would be a part of the working population now. All the lessons that I had learned in the past 22 years would now be put to test. Obviously, there are thousands of more lessons to be learned. 

Even relationships are changing their values nowadays. I can't say that I am close to my family. I am not. It has been 4 years that I have been away from my family. Things have changed. People have grown old. I feel the bond loosening up. I might try hard to call up every day to know about them. But, as I said, there is a difference between being in touch and being there. This bond is bound to weaken over the next 5 years for sure. 

Coming back to my college, I can surely say that these were the best days of my life. I shared a priceless bond with all my friends here. I, from my childhood till my high school, have never met such amazing people as I met in my college. I might be wrong, for I have not seen the life ahead. But, I will surely miss these people. They have been my friend. They have been my family. They have taught me everything that I know today. They have made me everything that I am. I have infinite memories with them. Opening each day would bring back tons of memories. I can do nothing but wishing them a great future ahead. 

May all their dreams come true.
May I, time and again, feel the need for them.
May our roads converge and we meet again.

Life is going to change so much. Now, we won't be close to each other. We all would be earning now. No more fights over who is going to pay the bill at a restaurant. We can now afford to pay for luxury in our lives. No more striving to save each penny. No more traveling in the general compartment of a train and that too without tickets. We have to wake up early in the morning now. No more bunking classes. No more late night bike rides. Life is going to be routine. Everything would be scheduled and I am ought to follow them. I think this change would be for my good only. After all, this is my age to learn. This is my age where there are no boundaries to limit me. I am free to explore like a bird. I am free to go wild and learn everything that I can.


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