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Dil Aziz - Dheeraj and Subhash - Guitar Chords

JioSaavn has recently started promoting individual artist on their streaming platform. This week, they promoted a single by two visually impaired artist from Ranchi, Jharkhand - Dheeraj and Shubhash. It was produced by The Mellow Turtle. Although, in a country where mainstream Bollywood music shadows all individual artist, this one overpowered and emerged as a success. I wish great success to them in the future. Here are the chords for the song. I have tried to keep as close to the original as possible: Dil Aziz hai, Tumhe de dun kaise. F#m               E                            F#m                E     F#m Dil Aziz hai, Tumhe de dun kaise. x2 F#m              E Dil Aziz hai, sanson ke jaise. x2 C#m              E                   F#m Tu asar hai dua ki, Aur murat wafa ki. F#m                       E Tera andaaz kaatil, Khoobsurat ada bhi. C#m                       E                       F#m F#m                        E          F#m Tu asar hai dua ki, Aur m