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The One-Sided Game

It's been a year now since I committed the biggest mistake of my life, I wonder if there exists an exit to this endless way of moving on. I remember the things that I used to love, The pavement that linked the house of knowledge with the house of faith, One end of which homed my Alma mater, Another end of which homed the temple of Lord Shiva, I was committed to going there at the same time each day, I miss the lush green lane, the smell of the petrichor and shine of the rainbow, I miss the rings of the bells, songs of the birds and the chant of the prayers, Amidst of all, I miss the beautiful smile of the one who greeted me every day, I believed that even she was committed to coming to the same place, at the same time. I asked for commitment, she yearned for separation, I talked about beauty, she saw the ugliness, I preached for love, she granted me hatred, And when all your prayers are unheard, you realize, Love is supposed to be a two-sided game, But hatred

Son to Father

Not everyone is compatible with every other. When you try to overstay with someone who is incompatible, things complicate. This is true for any relation that you have. Whether he/she is your mother, sister, uncle, brother, boy/girlfriend or simply a friend. Compatibility is always questionable. Let me introduce you to one of the most complicated relationship that I ever had - the relationship with my Father. If you are born to a typical Indian middle-class family, then find yourself lucky as everything is defined since your birth. Your growth, your career, your marriage, your emotions and your time - everything is already defined by your parents. You are just expected to walk on the path shown to you. You may fall. But you must not fail. Your father is your torch-bearer. Whatever he says is bound to be true. Whatever he expects is bound to enlighten your future. Whatever he leaves you with is bound to make you happy ever after. How can life be complex in this situation?  Everyt

Nobody Cares

You went for a vacation in the hills, You met the ghats and the beautiful terrains of the plaintiff, You saw the most lovely scenes of nature, Which made you learn some important life lessons, And now you wish to share some of them with others, Without giving a second thought to the fact that, Nobody cares for what you ever did! You are a highly reputed persona, Everyone knows the height of your dedication, And the width of your confidence, You are respected for your strength, Unfortunately, you are just another dust in the sand, There are a billion others who are unaware of your existence, Nobody, on this earth, cares for who you are! You invested ten thousand hours in mastering the art of belly dance, You lost several pounds to get the perfect shape, You did the same step over and over again, Just to get that small bend perfectly timed, You were given a shortcut to learning it quick and dirty. But you refused it, cause you loved the art,