Nobody Cares

You went for a vacation in the hills,
You met the ghats and the beautiful terrains of the plaintiff,
You saw the most lovely scenes of nature,
Which made you learn some important life lessons,
And now you wish to share some of them with others,
Without giving a second thought to the fact that,
Nobody cares for what you ever did!

You are a highly reputed persona,
Everyone knows the height of your dedication,
And the width of your confidence,
You are respected for your strength,
Unfortunately, you are just another dust in the sand,
There are a billion others who are unaware of your existence,
Nobody, on this earth, cares for who you are!

You invested ten thousand hours in mastering the art of belly dance,
You lost several pounds to get the perfect shape,
You did the same step over and over again,
Just to get that small bend perfectly timed,
You were given a shortcut to learning it quick and dirty.
But you refused it, cause you loved the art,
You practiced it hard, you gave it all your time,
Still! The world is unable to see the greatness of your sacrifice,
The final result is all that matters.
Nobody, fucking, cares for the path you chose!

You had nothing with you,
You were born with empty hands,
You spent your days picking up rags,
You spent some sleepless nights in the streets of a slum,
You didn't have a penny to pay for your food,
Very slowly you started picking on the world,
You worked hard to establish everything that you have today,
You are a self-made man,
Your stories might have the potential to make it to papers one day,
But the fact remains the same,
Nobody, seriously nobody, cares for what you have been through!

Someone meant the world to you,
You can't imagine spending a day without him,
Both of you were the talk of the town,
You blushed every time you heard of him,
And now, like every story, he is gone,
You repent every moment that you ever spent with him,
Only you understand the pain in your heart,
But, for the very last time, let me tell you that,
Nobody has the time to understand your resentment!

If you think someone appreciates you,
If you think someone thinks about you,
If you think someone is always there for you,
You are wrong!

Learn to live for yourself,
Live only for your dreams,
Live for what satisfies you from within,
Stop expecting from others,
No one in this world can completely be yours,
You are bound to born and die alone!


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