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Excited State

An electron absorbs energy from a photon and gets excited. It gets promoted to the next energy level. It is meant to stay at that level until the system loses energy and the electron comes back to its ground state. There is a beautiful excitement in the mysterious feeling that every person feels once in their life. When everything seems to start and end at that same person. When every act of yours goes in favor of only one person. When one person takes the most priority in your life. That is the only time when you had some target to achieve. The only time you thought that you were alive. The only time when you lived for someone else. The time when only his/her presence seemed to satisfy your quench for immortality. Ah! No means can ever describe the excitement unless you dive into it yourself. Everyone is your friend. The days are endless and the nights are sleepless. You begin to believe in miracles. You begin to think that it is everything. Every happiness you ever wished for. Ev