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There are more people who pretend to love Anand than who actually love it!

I met Mark Valentin when I was in Singapore at the beginning of this year. He is British. He is a Software Engineer at the world's largest online video streaming platform (I cannot name it, but hopefully, you guessed it). We have a common interest - classic rock and guitar solos. He is way more skilled at playing guitar solos than me. He has sent me several videos of his covers of classic rock songs such as Sultans of Swing , Dream on , Unforgiven , and some of his own original compositions. He is truly a rockstar. Recently, we were talking about world music and he told me that he had heard Bollywood creates lots of musicals every year and he would like to try some of them. I was surprised to see a classic rock fan having an interest in Bollywood music. I told him that I will send him a song that he can try on his guitar. First, I thought of sending him a trending number but I realized that the newer songs have lost a lot of melodic complexity. So, I decided to send him a class

Relationship: The Word to Lose Most of its Value Today

Before you read: This post is not about the romantic relationship that lifestyle websites usually talk about today. Don't expect to learn a lesson that might save your breakup. It is about relationships in general. Hope you find it interesting! You would never remember the achievements that you made.  But, you would definitely remember the way you treated people. What is the thing that distinguishes us the most from other species? Is it our progressive nature? Is it the big brains that we have? Is it our ability to learn and conquer everything? All of them in some way actually! But, what distinguishes us most from other species is our ability to empathize with others, to feel how the other individual can feel and to be able to respect their thoughts and emotions. I am talking about nothing but the term that has lost most of its value today: Relationship. Humans were nomads by their very nature. They stayed in a region until the region could suffice their needs. Once done,

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) | Movie Review

It has now been over 30 days since I was quarantined. The quarantine had taught me (and hopefully, everyone else) to appreciate little things in life - to find beauty in them and to be thankful for what I have. One day, I was talking to my grandmother. She told me that she was matching the movie Maine Pyar Kiya on television. Somewhere I heard that the movie had recently celebrated 30 years of release. In my childhood, I had seen huge posters for the movie hung on the billboards for a very long time. It was watched by my family every time when it was telecasted. "What made this movie so great? It should be that because of family appeal, the movie was so popular", I thought. Three days later, I decided to watch this movie. I had already watched the movie hundreds of times in my childhood, but, I was not able to comprehend (I was far more interested in cartoons back then). I searched for the movie online. Amazon Prime had the rights to stream it online. There was also a low-q