Relationship: The Word to Lose Most of its Value Today

Before you read: This post is not about the romantic relationship that lifestyle websites usually talk about today. Don't expect to learn a lesson that might save your breakup. It is about relationships in general. Hope you find it interesting!

You would never remember the achievements that you made. 
But, you would definitely remember the way you treated people.

What is the thing that distinguishes us the most from other species? Is it our progressive nature? Is it the big brains that we have? Is it our ability to learn and conquer everything? All of them in some way actually! But, what distinguishes us most from other species is our ability to empathize with others, to feel how the other individual can feel and to be able to respect their thoughts and emotions. I am talking about nothing but the term that has lost most of its value today: Relationship.

Humans were nomads by their very nature. They stayed in a region until the region could suffice their needs. Once done, they would move on to other regions in search of food and shelter. A living organism can survive easily for several million generations by simply living a nomadic life. Why did Humans decide to settle then? Why did Humans take up agriculture? Why did the societies come up? Who discovered the concept of marriage? Why did we have the concept of relationships at all?

Let's not try to seek answers to these questions because it has helped our species to survive several unfortunate famines. We came a long way because we were together to fight all uncertainties. We might be divided by our backgrounds but when the bad times came we have always proved to stand together with each other. This is because we have learned to empathize, to feel for each other, to work together as one towards a common goal. We generally share a stronger bond with the one with whom we share our blood. Your siblings, your parents, and your forefathers might be the one with whom you are most related. You might find new bonds with acquaintances who you meet as you travel through life. Do we?

We have come a long way from where we began. We still have a long way to go. Humans have reached Mars now. We have progressed so much that we have become the creator of the intelligence.  Our cities shine bright all through the night. Every individual is running a tough race of winning bread for him/herself. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, but at the end of the day, humanity has always been an overall winner.

I wish to draw a contrast between change and development.  I always believed in the fact that everything comes at a price. You have to lose something to gain something. Life is a trade. Whether a trade was beneficial or not is what our thoughts make us believe. And thus, Humans have never developed. They have always traded and thus things kept changing from the past. As far as I see, Humans have succeeded in changing things very rapidly but Humans have failed to develop. Our lifestyle is changing very fast but we cannot term it as development.

One of the most important things that Humans have traded for progress is relationships. We have traded away the most important thing that has helped us survive through the most difficult times. Do you feel connected to your parents anymore? Do you know what your sibling wants to do in his/her life? Do you know where your cousins live or what do they do? How long has it been since you talked to your best friend from childhood? Do couples feel warmth in their relationship anymore? Do we understand the purity and innocence of love anymore? Are we so deeply involved in self-progress that we have forgotten to empathize with others? Is our time so important that we don't have the time to help a friend in need?

You should answer these questions honestly to evaluate yourself and understand what things you have lost for changing (or, as you would like to be told, developing) yourself over time. I believe that it is acceptable to be independent (which is important for learning & growing) as long as one doesn't lose the ability to appreciate the value of a relationship. Relationships are like a cool breeze. Learn not to trade it away for the hot ashes!


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