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In my childhood, I used to look at adults and determined to make sure that I won't do anything that I thought they were doing wrong. For instance, I decided that I won't care much for money and live an adventurous life. I decided that I would always stay close to my parents and call them everyday. I would have a lot of friends and would keep in touch with all of them. I would complete my post-graduate studies from a top college of America and earn a PH.D. in some sub-discipline of science. I would have an account of every breath that I have ever taken and every thing that I have ever learned. Bottom line, I decided that I would always have control over my life. Now that I am 2 years past my time of entering my adulthood, I see that life has taken control over me. I have to keep account to each money that I am earning. I am not earning for myself. I am earning for my family, my mortgages, my bills, my future children, and my future securities. I am stuck in the never-ending cycl

Kaminey (2009) | Movie Review

Kaminey has been on my list for more than 5 years. This was Vishal Bharadwaj's first "commercial" movie. The film was rated "A" by the CBFC. This left my brain in a stereotyped state thinking that it was just another Bollywood masala flick. Watching it after 10 years of its release, I realized what I had missed in the past. TL;DR Kaminey is a top notch that will remind you of Tarantino's work. At the same time it is very original, very different from all existing work of Hollywood cinema and from previous work of Bharadwaj himself. It is a masala of romance, action, thriller and suspense, but unlike a typical masala, Bharadwaj has not compromised on the quality. Not a single bit of compromise. In today's world where TV series are gaining more popularity than movies, where directors take more than 10000 minutes to tell a story, Bharadwaj's Kaminey ensures same complexity of the characters and their relationship, taking no more than 120 minutes. It is