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Attitude Defines Your Altitude

 I was introduced to this concept long back when I was in class 9. There was a presenter on stage who showed us the following image: Skills are something that people around you can see and judge you with. Attitude is invisible. It is only when people take a dive deep into you, do they realize how worthful you actually are. It took me more than 10 years to realize the importance of this. Let me begin with a story. Three interns - 1 boy and 2 girls were hired for my team and I was their mentor. In their first few weeks, they were required to go through their technical training. The first course was Frontend - something that is tricky but still software engineers find it unworthy and an insult to their skills. They were required to work on it for the next 2 weeks and submit their assignments to me for review. One of the girls was extremely enthusiastic. She submitted the assignment within 3 days. I reviewed it, provided feedback, and asked to improve the code (optimization and readability

Teachers' Day

 Hey There! Welcome! India celebrates Teachers' Day on 5th September. Who has been your favourite teacher this year? For me, it has been Coronavirus and probably for many of you too. I have filled several pages of my personal diary just with the lessons that this situation has given me. I will try to briefly summarize them: Nobody cares that you exist: Hard to believe, but, it's true. Everyone has their own priorities and everyone keeps themselves at the top. Everyone is a protagonist in their own movie that they have been reeling on their minds for years. They have their own tastes and choices. Nobody really cares if you have aced at your job and got a promotion. Nobody cares if you have completed a major project that you were stuck with for years. Nobody cares about your social and political thoughts (in fact everyone have their own version which they keep changing). Nobody cares about the last post that you shared on social media and now you are waiting for reactions only to

Recursive Subroutine

 There is something very strange about the concept of love. Sometimes it feels like I am never learning from my mistakes. The only thing that I have is realization. This time, I realize that I am falling for a catastrophe. The consequences are going to leave a deep scar. I can forsee the future. There is nothing that I going to get except for pain. I will be wasting a lot of time on it. I will be wasting a lot of efforts. I have already watched thousands of motivational videos on YouTube that talk about why you should only love yourself. I was also motivated by them. I had taken an oath to never walk on that same path again. I was committed to focus only on my goals. Nobody cares! Really! No one in this world is concerned for you. Everyone is running their own race. Everyone is the protagonist of the movie that is reeling on their brain. Who has got the time to cheer for others, to support others in their difficult times, or to even care for their existence? If nobody cares for me, why