Teachers' Day

 Hey There! Welcome! India celebrates Teachers' Day on 5th September. Who has been your favourite teacher this year? For me, it has been Coronavirus and probably for many of you too. I have filled several pages of my personal diary just with the lessons that this situation has given me. I will try to briefly summarize them:
  • Nobody cares that you exist: Hard to believe, but, it's true. Everyone has their own priorities and everyone keeps themselves at the top. Everyone is a protagonist in their own movie that they have been reeling on their minds for years. They have their own tastes and choices. Nobody really cares if you have aced at your job and got a promotion. Nobody cares if you have completed a major project that you were stuck with for years. Nobody cares about your social and political thoughts (in fact everyone have their own version which they keep changing). Nobody cares about the last post that you shared on social media and now you are waiting for reactions only to end up with 5 likes and 1 comment. Keep your expectations low from others.

  • Unpredictable life: Everything happening around you is unpredictable. No Machine Learning algorithm in this world can predict the certainty. Don't brag about the things that you have achieved. It only takes a moment of carelessness to lose everything that you have earned - including money, fame, and respect. Similarly, don't be too sad about your misery. It only takes a moment to reach the heights of success. Keep moving in the direction that you believe would lead to your destination.

  • Take the path that no one has ever travelled upon: The more difficult, the more uncertain, the more ambiguous that your path is, the more rewarding the journey will be. Once you reach your destination, you will be the torch-bearer for others. While choosing your path, take advice from everyone but do what your heart says. Remember that your advisors are not going to help you while travelling. You have to help yourself.

  • Want to take a risk? What is stopping you? Probably the people who are warning you about the failures that you are going to face. Be careful! Sometimes such people are more afraid of your success than your failures. If you have calculated the risk-reward ratio and your heart is inclined towards it, then go ahead. Either you will succeed or the lessons will make you an idol.

  • There is no better time than to do it now: If you don't do it now, you are never going to do it. I hope everyone learnt Sant Kabir's most famous couplet in school right? We should start following it. 

काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब ।
पल में प्रलय होएगी,बहुरि करेगा कब ॥

I would have told you the story behind each of these, but, I always keep my writings short. I value the time of my readers (if there are any). I will keep posting more as I learn. Thanks for caring enough to read till the end.


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