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Economic Disparity

In 2009, a box of 10 toffees cost ₹ 5. We are approaching 2021, and now the same costs ₹ 20. The economy has inflated more than twice in the past 10 years and almost thrice in the past 15. Well, I don't have a problem at all. I am apparently now among the evil 2% of the society. The consumers of the world's wealth and producers of 98% of the plastics that we dump into the oceans. We are the masters of the machine; the AI; the future.  I live alone in my apartment and still, I am able to generate one bag of waste every day. This includes food that I wasted, packaging materials made up of paper, lots of plastics, and some biodegradables. I simply wrap them up in a polythene bag and place them outside of my door every morning without caring for their whereabouts. Somebody would pick it up and dump it on some land. It will never decompose and eventually reach the water bodies and finally the oceans. I swear that I realize what I am doing and that is why I try to keep my waste to th

Entropy and the Purpose of Life

 Recently, I had a chance of watching Tenet (2020); one more Nolan mind-bender. The movie explores the concept of how reversing the entropy flow can actually reverse the flow of time. I won't comment on the movie but I really liked the concept. It was really well thought and had no loopholes. Nolan was thorough with his script.  For the last two centuries, it has been established that the second law of thermodynamics is the most complete law of science ever. It states that: The total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease. But what is entropy, you may ask? An elementary physics book will state that it is the degree of randomness of the arrangement of the particles in the system. Very simply stated, think of your bedroom with everything messed up - your clothes hanging around, a room full of dirt, your stuffs scattered, you can barely find anything. Such a room has higher entropy than a perfectly tidy room where everything is in place (ordered). That is just an elementary