Economic Disparity

In 2009, a box of 10 toffees cost ₹ 5. We are approaching 2021, and now the same costs ₹ 20. The economy has inflated more than twice in the past 10 years and almost thrice in the past 15. Well, I don't have a problem at all. I am apparently now among the evil 2% of the society. The consumers of the world's wealth and producers of 98% of the plastics that we dump into the oceans. We are the masters of the machine; the AI; the future. 

I live alone in my apartment and still, I am able to generate one bag of waste every day. This includes food that I wasted, packaging materials made up of paper, lots of plastics, and some biodegradables. I simply wrap them up in a polythene bag and place them outside of my door every morning without caring for their whereabouts. Somebody would pick it up and dump it on some land. It will never decompose and eventually reach the water bodies and finally the oceans. I swear that I realize what I am doing and that is why I try to keep my waste to the minimum. My consumption is way less than what people of my stature usually consume. What is unbelievable is the fact that one person produces a bucket full of waste (~1 KG) just to survive every day. Think about all the people of Bangalore who fall in the 2% bracket which is approximately 200,000. The riches generate 200 tonnes of waste everyday and over 100,000 tonnes of waste every year. That is only in this city. How about India as a whole? Is that unimaginable? Please remember that India's consumption is 10 times less than America's consumption. The evil 2% is generating enormous amounts of waste to sustain themselves every day. Obviously, we have huge dumping grounds for dumping these wastes; the problem is - we don't have enough. Soon we started dumping them into large oceans, polluting them, and killing marine life.  

If consumption is not a problem, the disparity in consumption is. The evil 2% earns way more than the rest by only expending minute amounts of energy and time. They are the controllers of the rest and get commissioned for every amount of hard work that the 98% does. AI is taking off and in a few years, we can expect even fewer jobs in the market with most jobs being replaced by machines. Most of the industrial work is now fully automated. Transport and deliveries are the only areas where human intervention was required. With the upcoming drone technology for delivery, we can expect huge unemployment in the market. More unemployment implies more disparity of wealth. The world will be in the control of people who control the machines. 

This fear makes me very guilty. Whenever I get my pizzas delivered, I get a pang of strong guilt thinking that a farmer spent an entire season harvesting the wheat and a delivery boy traveled 5 KMs on a cold day, just so that I can enjoy the pizzas with a cola, watching television. In return, I am one of those who are building the AI required for drone technology so that we can replace their jobs with machines. I also demand an increase in my pay as I don't think I am being paid enough. The company needs to increase the cost of the product to meet my needs. The competitors raise their costs and the economy is forced to inflate. On one side, I inflate the economy and on the other side, I write code to unemploy people.

Fellow reader, I know this blog post is highly pessimistic, however, this is something I remind myself every day to make myself remember how lucky I am. And so are you. Hope you understand!


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