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Man v/s Nature

As of 29th April 2021, India is overwhelmed with the rising number of covid cases which is soaring as high as a Tsunami wave. More than a million people are getting infected and more than ten thousand among them are dying every day. This is no less than mass genocide.  Humans are dying like mosquitoes. This is what I keep hearing from everyone. Not everyone has lived through such a terrifying time. You can assume that every person has lost at least one other person whom they knew. In a few years, humans will be vaccinated. Each human requires about 2-3 doses of vaccine and the herd will generate immunity against the virus. Once the pandemic is over, humans will be dumping ~20 billion plastic syringes, PPE kits, hand gloves, medical equipments, burned wood, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, beds, and expired medicines into the oceans and other water bodies. This waste would be enough to kill several billion marine lives and lead to the extinction of at least one million species. We are

Civilization Collapse

Dogecoin (a cryptocurrency) reached $40 on 16th April 2021 from just $10 a few days back. I am not an expert in this domain, but, this to me is purely a game of speculation. People are believing that cryptocurrency has value and hence it has value. There is no proof of work involved in Dogecoin as opposed to Bitcoin. A few people are now a billionaire overnight. A cryptocurrency that started as a joke has paid off to their developers. Almost all financial instruments today are nothing but mere speculation. Share market started with the idea of pooling money to run a business and share profits. But soon enough the market was turned into a speculation arena. Huge volumes of shares are traded every day. Most of the time the value of a share has little to do with the actual value of the underlying asset. Speculation pushes up their prices. The same goes out for mortgages, bonds, and debentures. Taking an eagle's view, one can realize that money in itself is a speculation. It has been s