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A Girl in Agony

 In some distant cities, there's news up in the air; A girl has broken all, her fetters of despair; She was long tied to emotions, and convictions, and the chords; Please find this girl all I, know her name is Love. The whispers on the streets said, she had fallen apart; Wondering around the world, collecting her jar of hearts; Men have fallen prey for her, not a possibility to dodge; Please find this girl all I, know her name is Love. And people were alerted, they were demanded to defer; I warned myself to make sure, I don't fall for her; The circumstances of my life, had left no choice but one; Please find this girl all I, know her name is Love. One day in the woods, I saw her standing there; She shone as bright as the sun, with flowers on her hair; The foremost utter from her lips, bewitched me as a spell of charm; Please find this girl all I, know her name is Love. She held my hand and strolled with me, I sang her all my tunes; Should I keep gazing at her, or should I see t


 I have been following Hinduism for more than 20 years now. I have heard several thousand stories and chants. One of the core philosophies of Hinduism is Karma . The concept can be stated simply but it took me years of suffering and heartbreaks to understand it. In this write-up, I will briefly write about my interpretation of Karma as of today. Please feel free to differ. The common theme to explain Karma has been: Karma is action and reaction: if we show goodness, we will reap goodness. This is usually the definition that we teach children. In the western world, this is also called the principle of causality. This definition brings in the fear of doom in humans as a consequence of their acts and hence it is an excellent way to control the crowd. The purpose of religion should not be to induce fear in the minds of humans and hence I discard this definition. Let's look at the second and the actual definition of Karma: Karma is the control that one has on its action, the consequence

Fixing a Broken Heart

 My first heartbreak happened at an age of 14. I was devastated and it took me 2 years to eventually move on. My second heartbreak happened at the age of 21. It was even more painful but it took me 1.5 years to move on. The most recent one happened a few days ago. It was equally painful but it took me 30 days to move on. I think I am now used to it and can get over it quickly. I am vaccinated for heartbreaks, I guess :). Who knows? Heartbreaks are probably the most painful emotional suffering for a human. It is a fight with oneself. The fight is so difficult that no one can comprehend the complexity unless he/she has been heartbroken. I have seen that even the toughest people take years to get over heartbreak. It feels like you are fighting the entire universe. The universe wants to break you down. The universe wants you to bend your knees and obey. Days keep passing by and you keep aging. All the dreams of a person have been shattered at once and the shock is too much for the person t

Centripetal Force

I was once traveling through a desert. It was a large, dusty desert. Only the sun burned hot above in a clear blue sky. After a long walk, I met another traveler. She was also traveling through the desert and we decided to complete the journey together - helping each other whenever in need. We walked together for several days. Sometimes she got tired and I helped her get rest. Sometimes I would fall and she would help me get back on my feet. We shared a lot about each other. We made a lot of memories together.  After a few hours of the journey, I saw an oasis in the desert. "That was it!", I cried. Nothing could have now stopped us from being together and completing the journey. Things were perfect. I could see the energy in me. I ran towards the oasis thinking that she was also following me. The oasis was not getting any closer to me. It was far far away and I got tired and stopped. I looked back. I saw her standing there -  with a prince holding her hand that has been sent