Centripetal Force

I was once traveling through a desert. It was a large, dusty desert. Only the sun burned hot above in a clear blue sky. After a long walk, I met another traveler. She was also traveling through the desert and we decided to complete the journey together - helping each other whenever in need. We walked together for several days. Sometimes she got tired and I helped her get rest. Sometimes I would fall and she would help me get back on my feet. We shared a lot about each other. We made a lot of memories together. 

After a few hours of the journey, I saw an oasis in the desert. "That was it!", I cried. Nothing could have now stopped us from being together and completing the journey. Things were perfect. I could see the energy in me. I ran towards the oasis thinking that she was also following me. The oasis was not getting any closer to me. It was far far away and I got tired and stopped. I looked back. I saw her standing there -  with a prince holding her hand that has been sent from the sky above to take her away from the weary desert. Her eyes looked at me for one last time and she smiled at all the memories that we had. Before I could realize it, she vanished with the prince. All of a sudden, the sun dropped away. There was no way anything could have gone wrong at this point in time. It was all so sudden. All my dreams were shattered. I was left on my knees all alone. A storm arrived. I was filled with numbness - unable to understand how could this have happened to me. I had a strong hope on my mind that things will eventually settle and I would be able to see the sun again. I was only required to wait for the storm to pass by and eventually she will be back. Little did I realized that it was the end of the road for us. She was flown away to a beautiful world by a prince of her choice. She was meant to be a star in someone else's sky. I was left to face the storm. I could have never stood on my feet at that moment. I was taken away by the wind. I was spinning. I was swirling. I was caught in a loop.

Time flowed and all I could do is think in numbness. My mind would be cheered by even the slightest sign of hope of the sun. All the memories were the debris - wobbling around, thrashing me from every direction. A few of them (the bitter ones) provided me the thrust to escape the centripetal force and exit the storm. But most of them (the sweet ones) strengthen the centripetal thrust and pushed me towards the center. I had lost all the motivation to escape it anymore. After hours of clinging, I realized that the sweet memories gave me hope. A hope of her return. A hope to see the sun again. The hope was responsible for my numbness. It was preventing me from taking action. It was preventing me from fighting for myself. I decided to exit the storm. I used all the thurst to pull myself out. I was enraged. I developed a hatred for her. The world sees hatred as the opposite of love. I sincerely believe that hatred is a child of love. Hate is the love in action. Love can be expressed through hatred. Hatred is one of the truest forms of love expression. I developed a regret for every memory that I had with her. There were no moments to cherish anymore. I fought to exit the storm as soon as possible. 

In a few more hours, the storm started to settle and I was able to exit. I could see the world with a clear vision once again. The sun came back in the clear blue sky. I was left in a desert with no one around. I still had a long way to travel before I could see the oceans. I had no clue of the direction I was supposed to head towards. I had a final glance over the oasis where I lost her. It was a mirage. It never existed. It never belonged to me which I thought I had lost. I closed my eyes. I wished for her happiness and then moved on in search of a heart of gold. After all, I was a traveler.

Another day and another story of heartbreak. This was not the first time but it carried the same amount of pain and despair. The story is a representation of the emotions I went through once things ended. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whose fault it was. The only thing that matters is that we wish for the happiness of the other. Things fall apart. Some people can't realize the importance of others. They choose what seems most appropriate to them, leaving you behind. There is nothing either good or bad about this. Romantic love is filled with lust and possession. A mother's love is pure. She would be a mother one day. She would be the most beautiful mother in the world. Her love will be so pure that even the divine would incarnate to get a taste of it. With a strong hope of a beautiful life ahead of her, I would walk away peacefully, with tears in my eyes filled with beautiful memories that she left behind.


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