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Narcissism and The Law of Attraction

 Recently I was introduced to the law of attraction by Piyush. I explored a bit more about the law. According to the law, all humans are actually energy in vibration. Each energy is vibrating with a certain frequency. Some energies are in a high vibration state. They have a lot of energy and are willing to give their energy to others. On the other hand, others are in a low vibration state. Two energies that can resonate with each other attracts each other. Two people in the same vibration state attract. They are willing to dispose of an equal amount of energy on each other. The law of attraction sees narcissists as a ball of low energy. They are parasitic. They need someone else to spend their energy on them to survive. This is seen by their day-to-day behavior: They place themselves on a pedestal thinking everyone else is their follower. They always require validations from someone else. They require excessive admiration. Their ego is so high that they cannot accept their faults. They