Narcissism and The Law of Attraction

 Recently I was introduced to the law of attraction by Piyush. I explored a bit more about the law. According to the law, all humans are actually energy in vibration. Each energy is vibrating with a certain frequency. Some energies are in a high vibration state. They have a lot of energy and are willing to give their energy to others. On the other hand, others are in a low vibration state. Two energies that can resonate with each other attracts each other. Two people in the same vibration state attract. They are willing to dispose of an equal amount of energy on each other.

The law of attraction sees narcissists as a ball of low energy. They are parasitic. They need someone else to spend their energy on them to survive. This is seen by their day-to-day behavior:

  • They place themselves on a pedestal thinking everyone else is their follower.
  • They always require validations from someone else. They require excessive admiration.
  • Their ego is so high that they cannot accept their faults.
  • They exaggerate more than what they are; so much that they will make others feel low about themselves.
  • They make their sacrifices count and are willing to announce them to the world.
  • They take advantage of others to achieve their own ends.
  • Their relationships are entirely based on what they can get and not what they can give.
  • They don't know or are willing to accept that they are narcissists.
Such characteristics traits are the representation of low energy state. Empaths, on the other hand, are seen as balls of high energy. They are exactly the opposite of a narcissist. They are willing to spend their energy on others. According to the law of attraction (which treats every being as energy in vibration), empaths attract narcissists. Narcissists are in a low vibration state who crave more energy. Empaths are those who are willing to give their energy to others. Thus empaths and narcissists are in resonance and can tune up well.

However, narcissists drain the energy of empaths unless empaths learn to draw a boundary and take back their energy. Even though they tune in very well and have perfect coherence, an empath could never see that they are disposing of all their energy on someone who is not willing to give back any of them to him/her. Not only you, but narcissists are also drawing energy from others as well making them feel the same way - all of them see narcissists as a perfect coherence. The sad part about this is, narcissists can never get enough of the energy they are fed. They crave more and more.

The only way out here for others is to stop spending the energy on a narcissist and draw a strong boundary. My concern is not them. My concern is you. You need to spend your energy on a person who is not willing to give back the same (or maybe some part of it) to you. It will drain your energies and put you in a low vibration state. It will take a long time for you to gain back the energy that you spent on a narcissist. It is only when you withdraw, it is only when you let go of such an individual, that you would be able to raise your vibrations and attract someone who is willing to spend the same amount of energy as you.

But why did you attract a narcissist in the first place when you had such high vibration state? Maybe because your energy doesn't know the boundaries that it is supposed to draw and maybe it was because to teach your energies the importance of boundaries. Forgiveness is another trait of a person in a high vibration state. So, it is important that you forgive and move on and your energy state will no longer be disturbed. As for them, they will continue feeding on the energy of others who are willing to give without knowing the boundaries.


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