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Trust >> Knowledge

There are a few things in this world that, unfortunately, no amount of reading books, no amount of watching movies, and no amount of learning from others' experiences can teach you. Those things can only be learned from own personal experiences. One of the most difficult among them to learn is the importance of trust . I didn't learn the value of trust for 25 good years of my life, until the time when someone I trusted broke my trust and left me torn apart. Think of a friend who is highly learned. He is seen as a polymath in his discipline. He has immense and in-depth knowledge of his field. He has been highly successful and you see him as your idol. But, what if the person cannot be trusted? What if the person misguides you out of fear of losing the monopoly in his discipline? What if the person cannot keep a penny little secret that you told him out of trust? Is his knowledge important for you anymore? If I were in your place, I would choose to drown rather being saved by suc