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Overnight Success

Humans are social animals. And it always feels good to get attention and focus from others. With the advent of social media, fame had become a means of survival. People have started craving the limelight.  Tech startups are so hot nowadays. After moving to Silicon Valley, I received tons of questions about when I was going to have my own startup. I was astonished by the expectations and impressions that people have. I read about a few startups. And now I have an answer - it takes at least 3 years for building a technical product, another 2 years for getting enough clients so that you start earning enough to make a living and another 5 years to offer to the public and make millions. Is there anyone who is willing to dedicate 3 years to building the product? It's not easy. You need to believe in your idea for 3 years constantly even when you are making nothing out of it. Needless to mention the other life crisis that keeps coming like health crisis, family issues, mental illness, sol

Accepting Theism

 This might turn out to be an absolutely absurd write-up. But it has been a long time since I have not spilled the thoughts out of my brain and I sometimes feel like overflowing. There was a time in my life when everything was going well in my life. I had a good job, my family was doing well, I had great relations with my friends, etc. In short, life was good. Life was so good that I suddenly found myself dwelling with nihilism. I was stuck with a scientific belief - entropy is eventually eroding the world away; the world will eventually come to an end; everything will be erased; then why bother to fight so hard in life? No really! What are humans trying to do anyway? Why are we progressing in logic and rationality so much? Why do we keep inventing stuff when we know that no amount of scientific progress is going to make life easy anyway? There are capitalists who believe that their work to transform natural resources into information is helping people elevate their knowledge and skill