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Discrete v/s Continuum Instruments

Disclaimer : Anything that I write below is from the past 6 years of my self-training in music. I have never had a formal education in music. I have almost zero experience with percussion. I divide all the non-percussive instruments into 2 broad categories - Discrete and Continuum . Discrete instruments are those which have clear markings of the natural notes. For example, Guitar is a discrete instrument. It has fret markings at varying distances where the notes would ring out. Flute is discrete too. It has holes that let the air pass and produce the notes. Piano is fully-discrete in the sense that it is impossible to play anything other than discrete notes on it. The easy part of learning to play a discrete instrument is being able to play natural notes. However, the difficult part of it is being able to play bend notes. The 7 notes of a musical scale sound great to human ears, but, they can become monotonic to the listeners. It's the ability to distort those notes through bends t

Passion - A Synonym for Laziness

 Often we have been told to follow our passion instead of following the herd. Everyone is born different. Everyone is born with their own strengths and weaknesses. The strength of a person leads him/her towards his/her passion. I agree with the former statement but I don't exactly agree with the latter one. Some people often ask me - "You have a passion for music, why don't you make it your profession?". Well having a passion doesn't imply that it's easy. There are people who have been practicing music for 8 hours a day for the last 40 years and are still struggling. Do you think it would be easy for someone who has just been into some glittery music for the last 5 years without even a serious effort? Even if I put in 8 hours a day starting now, I cannot expect anything good to happen for the next 10 years. And what is the guarantee that, during this time, I will see music as my "passion" and not a "struggle"?  Most people who say that &quo