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India on the Bleeding Edge

I spent the entire month of Oct '22 touring around the world. Before coming to India, I had a chance to spend my vacation in three countries - Egypt, Turkey, & UAE - in the increasing order of the Human Development Index (HDI). Egypt was poorer than India. There was widespread poverty with the majority of the population dependent on tourism for their livelihood. Turkey on the other hand was very similar to India. The people of Turkey had a strong sense of patriotism. They were attached to their homeland. You can easily find the Turkish flag in every nook and corner. They were proud of the language they spoke. Only a few people spoke English. It was astonishing to see the progress they made while preserving their deep-rooted culture in a world where most countries have accepted western culture in the name of development. Lastly, UAE was super-rich and expensive. The Arabian world had transformed a desert into a stunning city serving world luxuries. To my surprise, they did solve