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Success Should Always Be Long Due

Rama Govindaraju is a senior engineering director at Google Cloud and a distinguished alumnus of BIT Mesra. In a recent interview, he was asked to share his opinions about being ambitious in a corporate environment, to which he replied: "Perfectly ok to be ambitious but it must be tempered with going about it the right way. Of what value is a promotion when those that you work with feel that you did not deserve it. Respect from your peers is the most cherished goal and also the most rewarding. So, when you are promoted it should be because ALL your peers felt it was overdue and well deserved." That was so subtle. Although he was asked about a specific situation in a corporate environment, his answer is generally applicable to life's situations. Often we think we deserved more than what we got. But do your peers think the same way? If you remember back in 2014, everyone had a strong hope for Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Best Actor Academy award (I am not a fan of the Acade