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Diluting Attention Span, Influencer Marketing & Why I Left Instagram Forever

 I started taking courses for MSCS at Stanford. One of the recent courses required reading advanced sections of the Compiler Dragon book. I didn't find the reading part to be too difficult. But when I began solving the problems, I noticed that I was getting stuck even on the basic problems. I went back to the book to read the algorithms again. But it didn't work. After a few hours of fighting, I realized that I was reading the wrong algorithm. The algorithm was not supposed to work on certain cases which were clearly mentioned. I skipped those parts because I was skimming through the text instead of carefully reading it. This was a wake-up call. I was not so in my college. I used to be a thorough reader. I used to read between the lines. But now I don't have the patience to read anymore. Reading a book seems a big challenge. Reading a news article, watching a full documentary, watching a movie, listening to a progressive rock record - all seem challenging nowadays. I cannot