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Shall I Start Focusing On AI?

OpenAI has truly astonished the world with ChatGPT. AI is in news again. Especially after Microsoft announced the integration of its Bing web index with ChatGPT's generative AI, the entire world has gone loco. Everyone is thrilled by the excitement of how easy the search for knowledge would be. But one of the key questions that most of my family and friends often ask me is - will AI replace humans in the future? Will we lose our job? I am going to share my personal opinions on this. My short answer is NO. While AI may be successful in making simple things autonomous, it will never be able to replace the experience of skilled humans. First, it is important to understand that the AI that we are developing today is based on statistics. Statistics is foolish mathematics - there is no exactness, and there are errors that the machines can commit. To err is human and so is AI. The end goal of the progress in AI is to create a general intelligence with the ability to learn anything. It is

Capitalism Is World War 3

Recently, Google laid off 12,000 employees overnight. The move was so sudden that employees didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to their colleagues. I woke up in the morning to realize that some of my colleagues are gone forever and I may never see them again. I dodged the layoff. From that moment onwards, the company has been increasingly scrutinizing teams. Each team is forced to work harder than ever to retain its status and job. It is at this moment I realized what harm capitalism is doing to this world and how it has itself become a system and a driver of life. The US is a capitalist economy. Capitalism is so concentrated in its foundation that there is absolutely no protection for people. Money drives everything including emotions. If you have no money, you have no place in this country. The urge to earn more had led to intense competition among humans. This competition is similar to Darwin's model of evolution - the survival of the fittest. After thousands of years o