Capitalism Is World War 3

Recently, Google laid off 12,000 employees overnight. The move was so sudden that employees didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to their colleagues. I woke up in the morning to realize that some of my colleagues are gone forever and I may never see them again. I dodged the layoff. From that moment onwards, the company has been increasingly scrutinizing teams. Each team is forced to work harder than ever to retain its status and job. It is at this moment I realized what harm capitalism is doing to this world and how it has itself become a system and a driver of life.

The US is a capitalist economy. Capitalism is so concentrated in its foundation that there is absolutely no protection for people. Money drives everything including emotions. If you have no money, you have no place in this country. The urge to earn more had led to intense competition among humans. This competition is similar to Darwin's model of evolution - the survival of the fittest. After thousands of years of societal development, we are back to the basics! Kids are trained in every field right from an early age. They are expected to do good at school, join a great university and succeed in life. As an adult, I don't find time for anything that I want to really do. I am burdened by the immense peer pressure and thoughts of losing my job. I am running. I don't know why. But I know that slowing down won't help either.

It is sad to see that most products are a result of capitalism. Science itself may not be a product of capitalism. But commercialization of science is. What we are taught in school is a result of capitalism. Research is driven by capitalism. The progress of AI in natural language understanding would soon create machines that can mimic a highly learned man, but, this is only for a giant corporation to make money from other's novel work by training their models to do the same. The progress of aerospace technology would soon be seen in the form of commercialized spaceflights that can form the next billion-dollar industry. The progress of medicine is less for the well-being of humanity and more for its commercialization and sale. Humans never needed a personal vehicle for commuting until 20th century America built thousands of miles of roads and fed the thrill of controlling the wheel.

Capitalism has led to a market full of oversellers. There are thousands of startups competing with each other to sell shits that people would never need. The products are promoted through influencers who create a trend out of them. All of a sudden we see a bubble of consumers of the products who buy them in FOMO. Herd following is an age-old problem whose effect has been enhanced by the fear of missing out. Original thinking is dying. People choose their passion based on what is the trend of the market rather than believing in their ideas. 

No doubt that this competition has led to the development of great products that shape humanity today, which communism might not have succeeded at. However, we should never forget the fact that this competition has given rise to new social problems that have originated. Shortened sleep cycles have led to several mental issues. People tend to live alone. People suffer from anxiety and depression. Relationships have lost their meaning. People tend to keep switching places. After thousands of years of societal development, we are back to nomadic life. Were all the scientific products even required in the first place?

There is intense rivalry among organizations. There are organizations grinding to beat monopolies. There are organizations that are purely in a cold war to gain more market shares in their intense monopolistic competitions. The dreams of some people become so overpowering that they can happily sacrifice humanity in their quest.

All in all, we don't really need guns and airplanes for WW3. It is already happening. We are the soldiers fighting for the survival of our loved ones. The gap between rich and poor is ever-increasing. No one knows for sure what the end goal is. No one knows when all of this going to end. All we know is that there is surely a collapse of civilization waiting at the end of this tunnel.


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